Basement Remodeling Increases Home Value

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Benefits of Basement Remodeling

Is your basement just one big space or are you using it for storage? Or you may be unhappy with the layout or usefulness of your basement space. Basement remodeling not only gives your family more square footage to enjoy, it adds value to your home. When considering the cost of your basemenet buildout, take these things into consideration.


Some estimates for the return in value of basement remodeling are as high as 75%. What that means to you is that for every dollar you spend remodeling you can earn up to $1.75 in home value.

If you want to sell your home in the future then a finished basement will increase your home value:

  • Finished spaces are healthier spaces, cutting down on dust, mold, and allergens.
  • Finishing your basement spaces is good for the health of your family.
  • The cost of heating and cooling your home is affected by unfinished spaces. Basements especially will make heating your home in the winter months more costly. A finished basement space will help insulate your home overall.

Home Enjoyment

How enjoyable is it to go downstairs? Do you enjoy spending time there? The square footage in your basement can add another entire area for you to relax in, play in, or work in. Remodeling your basement will make it more useful.

  • Family Recreation – a game room or TV room for the family.
  • A Man Cave – a great place to have friends over to watch the game or enjoy a game of billiards.
  • Playroom – the kids’ toys stay in a designated place, keeping the rest of your living space clear and clean.
  • Hobby Room – organize your scrap booking or sewing supplies, build a work table for your wood working projects, and have a safe place for keeping tools and equipment.
  • Laundry Room – let’s face it. Laundry can be messy! A well designed space for laundry keeps the mess in one location. A rack for hanging delicate clothes can be available and out of sight, and a sink installed for hand washing and getting stains out of clothing. If you have a basement, you can have an actual room for laundry, rather than just a closet.
  • Home Theater – create a family hideaway for watching your favorite films, and have a great location for watching the Sunday game.
  • Home Gym – save money by building an exercise and weight room at home. Not only will you save the cost of a gym membership, you will be able to exercise any time it’s convenient without leaving home.

Added Income

Many homeowners are finding that adding rental property to their home is a cost effective way to earn income. A full remodeled basement can become an apartment, and the income can go toward your mortgage. Remember that the return on investment in terms of what you will pay to finish the space will easily pay for itself.

Your imagination is the only limit for the use of an empty basement! A consultant can give you a fair cost estimate, help you see your dream laid out, and guide you through the process of getting your project finished. Add value, enjoy your home more, save money on heating, make your home healthier, and use all the square footage in your home. Seek out a professional in St Charles, MO basement remodeling for a consultation to help you get started!

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