4 Valuable Benefits of Room Additions

Investing in room additions is an excellent way to transform your home’s look, comfort, and functionality. Here, TLS Home Improvements lists the four most valuable advantages of a room addition.


  1. Additional Space. Increasing indoor living space is one of the main reasons most homeowners invest in a room addition. Whether you’re adding a simple living room or a small addition, a room addition is a cost-effective way to give you the extra space you need and greatly increase your home’s usable square footage.
  2. Increase in Value. Not all room additions can provide the same increase in your home’s value. A basement remodel, for instance, is a project that can improve the value of your home, as well as its comfort and efficiency. Additionally, working with our expert team ensures that you get the best results possible.
  3. More Affordable Alternative to Moving. Many people move to a new home because they’re looking for a dream kitchen or more space. But the expense and hassle of moving to a new house are monumental compared to investing in a room addition. With an addition, you also have the added benefit of being able to tailor-fit this new space to your exact preferences.
  4. Improve Your Home’s Luxury. Your bathroom may not be the cozy sanctuary you want now, but a bathroom remodel can fix that. TLS Home Improvements can upgrade your old cabinets and furnishings, give the room a new coat of paint, and improve the room’s overall comfort and efficiency.

When investing in a room addition, it’s best to work with TLS Home Improvements. We offer a range of home remodeling services that can transform your home to meet your needs. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, so you won’t have to worry about the quality of our work. We serve St. Charles, MO, and the surrounding. Call us today at (636) 234-9100 to learn more about the different services we offer.