Try These Remodeling Trends in Your Home

While we love experimenting with emerging design trends, we also understand the need to create a timeless look. After all, what appeals to you now may not be as exciting five years down the road. Fortunately, many of today’s home remodeling trends can work seamlessly in houses of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Try the following in your home to create a look that is both modern and classic.

Open Your Mind to Open Concept

Long gone are the days of labyrinth hallways and closed off rooms. Today, beautiful space is all about the open. Open concept isn’t exactly a new trend, but nowadays it looks better than ever. This works particularly well in small spaces, but it can also be utilized in bigger areas as well. If your kitchen is closed off from your living room, consider removing the wall that separates them to create a better flow.

Think Vertically

You don’t have to invest in total kitchen remodeling to make the most of your cooking area. Sometimes, all it takes is a new set of cabinets and the help of a few vertical shelving units. The incorporation of vertical space is a growing trend, and it looks great if you are pressed for square footage. We love the look of open shelving to hold neatly stacked plates and glasses, for example.

Get Back to Basics

Out of all the design trends available today, one we come back to the most is minimalism. Less truly is more when it comes to creating a sleek home, and there’s no better way to channel that than through minimalist styles. You can put this concept to work in your next bathroom remodeling project by upgrading to simple, geometric shaker cabinets and sticking to a neutral color scheme. These are just some of our favorite remodeling trends today. Fortunately, these ones will never go out of style.