Open Concept Bathroom

Uncramping a Small Bathroom

Whether we are getting ready to go to work or unwinding in a hot bath at the end of the day, we rely on our bathrooms in O’Fallon and St. Charles much more than we think. An open, spacious area feels more like your own personal day spa, while a cramped and tight area can leave you feeling claustrophobic. Fortunately, do you not need to have excessive square footage to make your bathroom feel open and airy. Here are a few of the easiest ways to uncramp a minimalist commode.

Get Rid of Ill-Functioning Cabinets

Bathroom remodeling does not have to be complicated. In fact, sometimes all a small space needs to feel larger is a change of cabinets. If you existing bathroom cabinets take up much more area than they save, tear them out and replace them with streamlined, space-appropriate models. We particularly love shaker style for their clean lines and modern, geometric look. If your area is too small even for cabinets, go with open shelving instead. Be sure to keep it tidy, though!

Use a Light Color Scheme

The oldest trick in the home remodeling book for giving the appearance of more room than you have is this: Use light colors and go one to two shades lighter on the ceiling. Lighter colors like pale blues, yellows, and grays give the illusion of extra area, while darker colors make a room feel tighter. Using a lighter shade of the same hue on the ceiling makes your walls appear taller.

Consider Changing the Flow

Have you ever wished you could pick up your shower and place it where your existing sink or linen closet is? It may be more achievable than you think, especially if you do not need to move around any plumbing elements.

Talk to your contractor to determine how you may be able to improve the flow and function of your bathroom.