Modernizing an Outdated Bathroom

Are you thinking about your next home remodeling project? Take it from our contractors and start with the bathroom. We suggest targeting this space for two different reasons.

First, bathroom remodeling is one of the biggest value-adds you can give your home. Secondly, renovating an outdated bathroom gives you the opportunity to curate your own personal spa and retreat in which to relax before or after a stressful day. Here are a few tips to bring your old bathroom into modernity.

Ditch the Abrasive Color Scheme

You may love those vintage floral patterns and bold colors, but they are best reserved for other areas in the house. In the bathroom, you want to evoke a sense of cleanliness. Busy patterns and rich hues can have the opposite effect, particularly in a small space. Instead, fill your bathroom with calming neutral colors. Grays, beiges, and whites are all great options. If you crave visual interest, use tile instead of color to do the job.

Invest in New, Sleek Cabinets

New bathroom cabinets can dramatically change the feel of an old area. Aging cabinets tend to be too boxy or ornate to belong in the bathroom. You can make your space feel drastically roomier and more balanced by installing streamlined cabinetry. Consult your contractors to determine the appropriate amount of cabinets for your bathroom, as well as the best style and color.

Instill a Sense of Luxurious Calm

One of the best ways to update an old bathroom is to add luxurious elements you might find at your local spa. For example, you might replace your dingy bathtub with a walk-in shower encased in glass. You might also leave a few plush, oversized towels around for comfort. Another simple thing you can do to create a calming environment is to keep clutter to a minimum. With these clever upgrades, you can transform your bathroom from boring to breathtaking.