How to Maximize Kitchen Space

Even if you are pressed for square footage in your kitchen space, it does not have to feel like it. There are several clever ways you can play with vertical area and layout to make your cozy kitchen seem extra spacious. From installing a window where there wasn’t one before to tearing out a cumbersome island, here are a few of our favorite ways to maximize kitchen space via thoughtful home remodeling.

Make the Most of Vertical Area

Kitchen cabinets can have a tremendous effect on the rest of the cooking space. When they are too boxy, they can make an already-small kitchen feel even tighter. When they are too sparse, they do little to reduce clutter. Make the most of your vertical area by installing cabinets that balance out your kitchen. In small areas, we love open shelving and ceiling racks for pots and pans.

Invest in a New Layout

You may have more room to play with than you realize, especially if it is being bogged down by a subpar layout. Although an island is great for storage and extra cutting space, it could be what is weighing down the rest of the area and contributing to poor flow. Consult your local kitchen remodeling contractors to identify the best layout for your square footage. Sometimes this can be as simple as moving around a few appliances.

Let in the Light

Natural light can do much to make a space feel open and airy. If your kitchen is lacking in sunlight, talk to your contractor to determine your opportunities for illumination. Most kitchens touching an exterior wall can easily accommodate a small window. If this is not possible, a bright skylight makes as a great backup.

These are just some of the best ways to make a tiny kitchen feel roomier, but are far from the only options available. Contact the kitchen remodeling experts for more ideas on how you can maximize your kitchen space.