5 Tips for Finishing Your Basement


Basement finishing is a fantastic remodeling project that can add value, function, and entertainment opportunities to your home. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start, however, which is why our contractors have put together a list of suggestions. Here are five tips for finishing your basement.

  1.  Consider Function

Before you even begin on home remodeling, it’s important to think about the function you want your basement to serve. Will it be an additional bedroom? Will it feature a full kitchen and bar for entertainment? Will you spend more time in the basement working or watching movies? Knowing what you want to accomplish can help guide the rest of your decisions.

  1. Know Your Space Limits

After you have honed in on function, it’s time to get realistic about your space limits. A 300 square foot basement, for example, is probably not going to be able to accommodate both a movie theater and a spare bedroom.

  1. Think About Future Buyers

Another way you can look at basement finishing is through the eyes of future buyers. While extra bedrooms are certainly a draw, prospective buyers also gravitate toward basement kitchens, wine cellars, and entertainment centers. If you can comfortably fit it all, go for it!

  1. Install Plumbing

If your basement doesn’t already have a bathroom, you may want to consider extending plumbing downstairs. Laundry rooms and bathrooms are invaluable, and the basement provides fresh opportunity to install both. If your basement already has plumbing, consider investing in bathroom remodeling to make it shine.

  1. Keep It Light

Because they are totally or partially underground, basements have the tendency to stay quite dark. You can brighten things up and add cheer by working with a light color scheme. If you have low ceilings, painting them one shade lighter than the walls gives the illusion of height.

These are just some tips you can leverage when embarking on basement finishing.