3 Remodeling Projects That Add Value

Whether you’re building your new home from the ground up or considering performing major renovations to an older house, most of us could benefit from a boost in home value. It can be difficult, however, to know where to start. While there are myriad remodeling project ideas out there, it often pays to start in three key areas. Here are three remodeling projects that add the most overall home value.

1.Updating Your Kitchen

Although the kitchen is designed for prepping and cooking food, we tend to spend much more time gathering in this area than we realize. The kitchen is a natural place for community and lingering. Thus, kitchen remodeling adds instant and significant value. Buyers love the look of a sleek, modern kitchen with ample space for visiting. If you don’t have the budget to install new appliances, cabinetry is a great place to start.

2.Expanding Your Bathroom

You don’t have to have the square footage to play with to make a small bathroom feel larger, which is what makes bathroom remodeling so valuable. Simply installing extra storage options and updating countertops are great ways to increase your asking price and make getting ready in the morning more enjoyable.

3.Finishing Your Basement

If you have an unfinished basement, you could be losing out on tremendous value by leaving it as is. The minute you add walls and flooring to a basement, the previously unused square footage counts towards your overall space. This not only makes your home larger, but also gives you and future buyers more livable area. Basement remodeling doesn’t have to be complex; it can be as simple as installing flooring and drywall.

When it comes to remodeling projects that add the most home value, look to the kitchen, bathroom, and basement for inspiration. You can always enlist the help of your local contractors for more ideas.